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Start : July 2011
Completion: July 2012

Greenhouse final 1 (33)

Move-in activities begin July 16th.

Site Location: Site of former Greenhouse across the street from Ag Sciences Building

The project was a joint project between the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, and the USDA Forest Service. This project replaced and expand the existing Greenhouse and head house building for the College of Agriculture & Forestry. It has been part of the master plan to replace the existing Greenhouse. The new greenhouse and head house was constructed on the existing site. The existing plastic house remains in operation.

The USDA Forest Service have approximately 4,000 square feet of growing space and 1,500 square feet of laboratory space, plant prep and head house space available to them. The head house is 8,860 GSF and Greenhouse is 19,380 GSF. The project included 5,950 ASF for wet and dry lab spaces, an academic classroom, an office, and support spaces.

Greenhouse1 Collage

John Sommers
WVU Construction Manager