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Evansdale Campus Parking/Intersections

May 21-June 18

Road construction will begin on the Evansdale Campus, starting Thursday, May 21th. Construction crews will be building the new road to Evansdale Crossing and reconfiguring the intersection of Fine Arts Drive, Rec Center Drive and Morrill Way. This will result in a 4 week road closure in that area. A temporary road to the Student Rec Center and the Health and Education Building will be constructed to maintain access to these buildings from Patteson Drive. Fine Arts Drive will be closed in front of the Museum Education Building. The Creative Arts Center (CAC) rear loading dock will remain accessible from Evansdale Drive. To alleviate traffic issues, the Evansdale Drive traffic gates in front of Towers will be open until the start of the Fall semester. All traffic to and from the upper Evansdale Campus should use the Monongahela Blvd and University Ave entrances. Drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to use caution in these areas and observe construction signs and barricades. WVU will utilize electronic message boards to notify the public of upcoming road closures and will continue to provide updates as closures and disruptions may change. WVU appreciates your patience and cooperation as we make these important improvements to the campus. [Snippet Error: This file has been deleted.] Larger view (pdf)


Roadway modification

A. Patteson Dr. Intersection-COMPLETED
B. Morril Way IntersectionCOMPLETED
C. Mon. Blvd. IntersectionCOMPLETED
F. Evansdale Sidewalk WideningCOMPLETED

May 18-August 1

Downtown Campus Summer Roadway Access and Closings


Parking Lots

Larger view (pdf)